O W and L is a humorous math sport. It is a puzzle primarily based math sport which incorporates a number of practices of arithmetic with a humorous presentation. The bottom idea is the sport is to narrate the digits with the phrase. On this sport the phrase OWL is expounded to a three digit quantity. By which first letter O represents the primary digit of a quantity. Second letter W represents the second digit of the quantity and the third letter L represents the third digit of the quantity. If the quantity is 245 signifies that the O is 2, The W is four and the L is 5. Now if a query could ask O - W + L = three, you could select 245 from the choices as a result of it's legitimate equation with the assumptions of this sport. In every query you must discover a quantity which resembles OWL. For realizing the right quantity you can be given some hints. Remedy the 50 humorous questions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, comparability and algebra to win this sport.


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